Notable Achievements

2015: "Paint Lab for Kids" by Stephanie Corfee (contributing artist)
2015 : Featured on Creative Market's Handpicked Items
2016 : Featured on Creative Market Fresh Design Products Vol. 29
2016 : Released first self-published art zine, "Celestial", featuring 31 ink drawings done during the month of October for "Inktober"
2017 : Released second Inktober art zine, "Poisontober"
2018 : Texas Corgi Roundup Sponsoring Artist

Participating Artist

Mid-century Expressions, 2010 (Rosenzweig Center)
New Harmonies, 2011 (Rosenzeweig Center)
Market Street Festival Juried Exhibition, 2012 (Columbus, MS)
Art Walk Downtown, 2017 (Columbus, MS)
Art Walk Downtown, 2018 (Columbus, MS)


Catherine (Cat) Herold is an artist and designer living in the the United States. Raised on corn bread and canned peaches, her interest in art began at the age of 12 when she was first introduced to the anime Sailor Moon. After changing her mind four or five times before high school graduation as to what career path she wanted to take, she went on to study Graphic Design and graduate Magna Cum Laude with a BFA from Georgia Southern University (go Eagles!). Since 2007, she has worked as a web coordinator, freelancer, and artist, and participated in local art venues and events. She works primarily with watercolor paint, but can’t quite give up digital media in favor of going “full traditional”. Currently, she holds the positions of independent artist/designer, design asset maker, diy marketer, craftswoman, wife, kid mom, and dog mom.

Bucket list aspirations include exploring an abandoned mansion, publishing a book, and becoming a “corgi mom” (achievement unlocked!).


Artist Statement

I find myself inspired by elements of nature and the whimsy of imagination and fantasy. 

My works often emphasize plant life, nature, the human form, and the occasional "just because" element. In my works, I try to capture an aesthetic sense of mystery and the fantastical with explorations in color and texture.

I illustrate and design in a variety of media, but focus primarily on watercolor and a digital painting style rooted in traditional painting techniques.

Let’s Talk!

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