Easy Product Photography - BTS and Tips

If you’re searching for ways to improve your shop or social media traffic, blog post after blog post will tell you your photography needs to be on point. Sorry, but I’m about to add to that list! Over the past few years, trial and error, practice, and a little ingenuity have helped me see a notable improvement in photos I post to my shops or on Instagram. Here’s how I do it!

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Favorite Apps for Mobile Photography

I've never considered myself a photographer but I'm always trying to up my photo game, even if it's on a smartphone, and even if those photos are limited to social media posts. I use my phone 90% of the time for photographing sketches, paintings, BTS and whatnot. I have a point and shoot camera, but my iPhone 7s has a great camera and generally can get the job done for me. 

After snapping photos, editing comes next, because it's rare that I'll get a perfect shot that requires no extra fluff. That and I have a weakness for punchy colors. So here are some of my favorite apps and what's so great about them!

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