Autumn Colors Product Demo

I've not previously demoed how to use my clip art illustrations, and honestly, I don't know why! I created a quick little video of how to add various elements to create a custom wreath. I used The Autumn Colors Collection to demonstrate my process. It's pretty cut and dry, so take a look!

Software used : Photoshop CC

Just to clarify, no you do not have to use Photoshop to use the majority of my design sets. I do list which programs the products are best used with, but almost all of them consist of simple .JPGs and .PNGs that can be opened in any software program that can support those files.

I hope you find the video helpful! I know my editing skills are a bit lacking (we all have our strengths), but I hope to do more of these little demo videos in the future! If process videos are your thing, take a look at my YouTube channel, where I have a few videos up of my painting processes!